Redwood city Pump Station 48-inch Force Main Emergency Repairs

In November of 2015, a leak was discovered in SVCW’s existing 48-inch RCP force main (FM).  The leak was plugged, but in order to provide a permanent fix and prepare for the replacement of the existing pump station adjacent to the leak, a 322-ft section of HDPE pipe is being installed to bypass the leaking section of the existing FM. Pipe installation includes both fused and flange connections, shutdowns for connections to the existing force main and existing pump station, and support of a myriad of existing utilities crossing the trench for the new pipe alignment.

The Project is being managed in a Design-Assist format, requiring heavy design involvement by our construction management team. Construction at an existing facility is challenging enough, but due to the emergency nature of this project, quick decisions and innovative solutions are an imperative. The fast paced construction has required heavy coordination with SVCW Operations and Maintenance, local municipalities and constant monitoring of design changes and their associated costs.





Silicon Valley Clean Water (SVCW)


$1.8 Million