This $11.7 million project involved replacing equipment, modifying existing facilities, and adding automation capabilities, for the primary sedimentation, gravity sludge thickening, digestion, and dewatering process. All of this work was performed while maintaining the active facility process through extensive coordination with operational staff and the use of detailed system outage requests (SORs).  Specific details of the dewatering improvements included substantial enhancements to the dewatering process that included the installation of two new Fournier filter presses, screw conveyors and all associated piping, new MCCs and SCADA controls.  One of the existing gravity thickeners was completely removed, receiving major structural modifications to the existing tank and the installation of two new Gravity Belt Thickeners. To maintain facility operations and the use of the existing gravity thickeners, coordination of a thickener shut down was necessary to allow for the installation of bulk heads in the active thickener troughs, which isolated the troughs in the modified thickener tank for demolishment.



Silicon Valley Clean Water (SVCW)


$11.7 Million (ongoing)