influent screening

This project required adding a new raw wastewater screening facility upstream of the primary sedimentation tanks.  This included installing two new automatic bar screens just downstream of the influent pump station prior to discharge into the Primary Sedimentation Tanks. The new facility was needed to prevent the interminable ragging of influent and other pumps within the facility. The new screens will eliminate a majority of incoming rags and solids that cause significant pump maintenance costs throughout the year. In addition to construction of this new screening facility, modifications were made to the existing influent lift station and influent mix box and included the installation of 110-ft concrete piles to support the new structure. Keeping the work on track required thorough troubleshooting of problems with existing facilities that prevented the contractor from connecting new piping to existing influent piping and mixing structure. Shutdowns and bypasses required coordination with plant O&M staff and the City of Redwood City.




Silicon Valley Clean Water (SVCW)


$2.8 Million