Sewer Capacity Assurance Improvements, Phase 4

This project included the removal and replacement of approximately 2,700 LF of gravity sewer mains. Existing pipe size ranged from 8-inch to 18-inch and were replaced with sizes ranging from 10-inch to 24-inch to increase flow capacity. The work required constant communication with the contractor to confirm location of crews throughout the city. The project included the replacement of sewer services to homes, clean outs at the residences and manholes. A large portion of the work was performed via the open-cut construction method, and several segments of the mains were replaced using a trenchless construction method known as pipe bursting. One segment of 800 LF was lined using the Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP) method. Because the project was located within busy intersections, portions of the construction was performed at night. This project required significant public outreach and daily communication with the residents and businesses. TPI staff worked with the City’s Public Information office to provide weekly updates on construction activities.



City of San Carlos


$2.5 Million