Disinfection Storage and Pumping

This Recycled Water Project was a 500 day project to construct a recycled water disinfection, storage, and pumping facility that provided irrigation water to the Cities of Redwood City and Belmont. The facility measured 150 feet by 300 feet and required 8,000 yards of concrete. There were three primary components to the facility: two cast in place reinforced concrete storage tanks with a total storage capacity of 4.5 million gallons, two chlorine contact tanks, and a distribution pump station. The facility was supported by approximately 500 prestressed concrete piles 14 inches square and ranged in length from 80 feet to 125 feet. To accommodate the structure,  32,000 yards of material was excavated to a depth of  30 feet. Seven feet of the structure was above ground with the majority of the Facility below grade. The excavation required a cantilevered sheet pile cofferdam with two levels of bracing.




South Bayside System Authority (SBSA)


$18 Million