Drying Bed Improvement 

Improvements to the existing young bay mud drying beds included fine grading and lime stabilization of the entire drying bed surface, totaling more than four acres. Its components included: 1) Importing, placing, and compacting approximately 10,000 cubic yards of import soil to raise surrounding levees and construct entrance ramps. 2) Placing approximately 2,300 cubic yards of concrete flooring and cement/lime to treat the interior levee slopes for long term durability. 3) Installing three concrete decant structures with 950 linear feet of 12” buried HDPE piping to convey the decant water to a new decant water pump station. 4) Installing approximately 1,400 linear feet of 6” PCV pipe carrying non-potable water to each of the decant structures. 5) Installing a new automated truck washdown facility, including automatic grit removal and interconnection to plant SCADA.




Silicon Valley Clean Water (SVCW)


$3.7 Million