Wet Side Redundant Power Improvements

This project included procurement and installation of two 2000kW standby power generator sets in enclosures with two 4000-gallon sub-base fuel tanks. Transfer of responsibility for the generators was required between the manufacturer and the installation contractor. A rigorous pre-offloading inspection was specified for the generators and installation required modifications that included demolition and removal of a steel fixed film reactor (FFR) exoskeletal. The generators were set and assembled on a concrete pad within the FFR footprint on top of existing stem walls. The generators were connected to a 480V switchgear which required routing large conductors in conduits and cable tray through congested galleries. Connection and startup of the generators involved coordination and full shutdowns of the switchgear which supplied power to active plant equipment. Startup included close coordination to demonstrate that all equipment would perform as expected in the event of a power outage.


Silicon Valley Clean Water (SVCW)


$1.8 Million