Construction Services

Our experienced team takes pride in guiding a project from conception to successful completion. We establish lasting relationships with our clients, consultants, subcontractors, and suppliers by making the construction process a positive and rewarding experience. This interactive approach provides for quality workmanship and an attention to detail, during every phase of construction. At Tanner Pacific we cultivate project solutions that are effective, innovative and value-driven. 

Schedule Assistance and Review

Developing sound Baseline Schedules for construction projects establishes a clear path for contractors to follow and increases the opportunity for a successful project completion. At Tanner Pacific we take into consideration the interests of all stakeholders and implementation partners. We help create schedules that meet contract requirements and incorporates the realities of construction operations. With the continual evaluation of the baseline schedule and monthly progress updates, we assist all parties in completing a project on time and on budget.


Construction management involves the planning, coordination, and control of a project from project award to project acceptance. It often includes complex tasks that change dramatically from day to day and project to project. The ability to handle these dramatic changes requires strong communication skills, knowledge of the building process, and problem solving. Documents such as RFI’s, RFQ’s, Change Orders, Submittals and Progress Payments are all important tasks that demand an attention to detail in order to keep a project moving smoothly. At Tanner Pacific, we work together with the owner, consultants and contractor to establish the process for managing these construction documents, utilizing an online document management system, ProCore. Information is organized, up to date, and available in the Cloud. Tanner Pacific’s aim is to support our clients in producing functionally and financially viable projects.

Construction Observation and Reporting  

During the construction of a project, it is important to conduct onsite visits to determine if the materials and installations are in accordance with the construction documents. In addition to evaluating the completed work, our inspectors meet regularly with contractors to monitor the schedule of upcoming construction needs. Tanner Pacific’s experienced inspection staff documents progress and performance through daily reports. The installation of an item that does not meet code is identified and corrected to avoid delays. Our crew considers the implications of the work being contemplated by the contractor and anticipates the impact on other elements of the project. 

System Testing and Start-Up

For projects near the end of the construction phase, prompt and dependable system testing and inspection services are key to moving a project to a successful completion. With early organization of the testing and start-up plan, Tanner Pacific creates a road map for inspectors, contractors, owners and suppliers to follow in order to reach the goal of system operation. We make sure everything is up to code and meets the highest standards. Whether a complicated treatment facility or a simple pipeline project, testing of the finished product provides all stakeholders with confidence that the system will work properly under the designed operating conditions.  

Project Close-Out

As a project nears completion, there are many tasks to perform before the project can be officially closed out and accepted. During this process, it is important that the project team meets with stakeholders to review the deliverables of the project and confirm that they meet with approval. This is accomplished through a final inspection, submission of necessary documentation (operation and maintenance manuals, record drawings, etc.), client acceptance, and final payment and release of the contractors retention. At Tanner Pacific, we understand that accurate and complete record documents and project files are extremely important for a project’s completion, and we make sure that important details are managed properly throughout the construction process and made available during this critical final phase.